Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development and Research

Commemorating the 30th Anniversary
of the Fair Housing Act


Volume 4, Number 3

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From the Editor

Advisory Board

Guest Editor's Introduction

Section 1

Fair Housing -- The Battle Goes On
by Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Fair Housing Legislation: Not an Easy Row to Hoe
by Hon. Charles McC. Mathias, Jr. and Marion Morris

An Issue of Public Importance: The Justice Department's Enforcement of the Fair Housing Act
by Bill Lann Lee

The Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988: The First Decade
by Michael H. Schill and Samantha Friedman

Section 2

Excluding Blacks and Others From Housing: The Foundation of White Racism
By Joe R. Feagin

Sustaining the Fair Housing Act
by John Yinger

Half Empty or Half Full: Segregation and Segrated Neighborhoods 30 Years After the Fair Housing Act
by Nancy A. Denton

The Evolving Challenges of Fair Housing Since 1968: Open Housing, Integration, and the Recuction of Ghettoization
by George C. Galster

The Complexity of Segregation: Why it Continues 30 Years After the Enactment of the Fair Housing Act
by James H. Carr

Section 3

Fair Housing Strategies for the Future: A Balanced Approach
by William R. Tisdale

The Fair Housing Act: A Latino Perspective
by Raul Yzaguirre, Laura Arce, and Charles Kamasaki

Long Overdue: Desgregation Litigation and Next Steps To End Discrimination and Segregation in the Pulic Housing and Section 8 Existing Housing Programs
by Florence Wagman Roisman

A Personal Reflection -- Housing Opportunities for All
by Eva Plaza


Mobility Patterns of Lower Income First-Time Homebuyers in Philadelphia
by Harriet Newburger

Bennett Harrison (1942-99)

This issue of Cityscape is dedicated to Bennet Harrison -- author, economist, teacher, colleague, and friend. Ben devoted his life and work to building knowledge on the roots of economic transition and social inequality in America's cities -- and to illuminating promising ways to respond to both. He was a founding member of the Cityscape Advisory Board and a contributing author.

We miss him and we are grateful for his many gifts.

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