SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Macon. GA
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | St Louis, MO
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Rocky Mount, NC
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Flint, MI
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Rockford, IL
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Gary, IN
SC2 Second Cohort of Cities | Brownsville, TX
   About SC2

   SC2 Second Cohort of Cities

SC2 has named seven new locations that will receive technical advice and expertise from federal inter-agency teams. More>>

    Accomplishments in First Cohort of
   SC2 Cities:

   Chester, PA
   Cleveland, OH
   Detroit, MI
   Fresno, CA
   Memphis, TN
   New Orleans, LA
   Youngstown, OH

   The SC2 Fellowship Program

The SC2 Fellowship Program provides distressed cities with talented and mission-driven professionals who work directly with mayors, local government agencies and community nonprofits to help restore American cities and create a pathway to economic growth. More>>

What is SC2?
Fact Sheet

The Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative (SC2) supports President Obama's agenda to make historic investments to build ladders of opportunity for those working hard to make it to the middle class and to partner with communities that were hardest-hit by the recent recession. Learn More.

SC2 News and Updates
SC2 eNewsletter

Obama Administration Announces Seven Additional Cities Participating in the Strong Cities, Strong Communities Initiative. Learn More.

Featured Blog
Featured Blog

HUD Announces Winning Consortium to Operate the Strong Cities, Strong Communities National Resource Network. Learn More.

National Resource Network
National Resource Network (fact sheet and additional background)

There are many cities throughout the country that could benefit from the SC2 Initiative. That’s why in the coming weeks SC2 will also launch the SC2 National Resource Network (SC2 Network), which will serve as a center through which experts will work with local leaders to identify practical solutions, share real-world expertise and best practices, and help cities develop the tools and strategies they need to grow their economies and more effectively use existing federal investments.

White House Council on SC2
Annual Report

On March 15, 2012, President Obama signed an executive order establishing the White House Council on Strong Cities, Strong Communities. Learn More.



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