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Download the 2007 AHS report.(*.pdf, 6.82 MB)

Download the 2007 National AHS data SAS version (revised 01/18/2011).
(*.exe, 14.6 MB)

Download the 2007 National AHS data ASCII version (revised 01/18/2011).
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Download the SAS "file flattener" program for the 2007 AHS dataset (revised 01/31/11). (*.sas, 10 KB)
The file flattener program is a SAS routine that extracts the eight individual SAS files from the transport dataset and produces a single SAS file, with one record per housing unit. Observations on persons, commuting, recent mover groups, and alterations & repair projects are transformed into numbered groups of variables in the housing unit record. While this file structure requires about twice as much disk space as the individual files, some users find it easier to use.

Download the Descriptive Statistics of 2007 AHS Variables (revised 01/18/2011). (*.exe, 993 KB)

2007 national survey topcode file (*.xls, 40 KB)
Topcodes and bottom codes are used in the AHS public use file in order to maintain confidentiality. Unusually high (and, in a few cases, low) values in the AHS dataset are replaced with maximum (or minimum) values, called top (or bottom) codes. This MS-Excel spreadsheet documents these values for the affected variables.

2007 Instrument Items Booklet (2007 Questionnaire) (*.pdf, 199 KB): The instrument items booklet is a PDF document that lists all the questions and responses in the AHS survey instrument. It was prepared for the Office of Management and Budget as part of the survey clearance process. This is the closest equivalent to a paper version of the AHS questionnaire.

2007 Instrument Items Booklet, Spanish-Language Version (2007 Questionnaire) (*.pdf, 158 KB): Although there is no Spanish-language survey instrument, the Census Bureau prepared this translation of the instrument items booklet, as a guide for field representatives who needed to conduct AHS interviews in Spanish.

2007 AHS Survey Instrument Software (*.zip, 5.30 MB): This zip file contains all the files needed for a runnable “demo” version of the AHS survey instrument. Users can enter responses and step through the instrument to simulate the flow of questions in an actual AHS interview. This version of the software does not save any data; it merely demonstrates the instrument. It is intended to run on Microsoft Windows-based computers.

DISCLAIMER: The application is distributed for review purposes only, and no production data collection is permitted. By downloading the software, users agree to these terms. Further, this software is being provided "as is." Neither the Census Bureau nor the software publisher will provide any support for software downloaded from this web site.

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2007 AHS Survey Instrument Case Description and Instructions (*.pdf, 10 KB): This PDF file provides brief instructions on how to install the survey instrument software above. It also documents the characteristics of the sample cases provided with the software.

Special Technical Note: Be sure that the software you use to unzip the survey instrument is set to create subdirectories as needed. Most zip utilities will do this automatically, but some do not. The software will not work if its files are not stored in the appropriate subdirectories.

American Housing Survey 2007 Table Specifications (*.pdf, 335 KB)

The tables specification file shows the special coding used by the Census Bureau to produce the tabulations in the printed report. The specifications are written using a SAS-like syntax. Users may find this file useful when trying to match tabulations from the public use file to the printed tabulations. Note, however, that not all report tabulations can be reproduced from the public use file.

Please download the Codebook for the American Housing Survey; Public Use File: 1997 and later (*.pdf, 2.14 MB).

AHS 2007 Value Label Package (*zip, 32 KB)
The value labels package is a set of files that attach SAS formats to many variables in the 2007 AHS public use file. This will allow you to format your SAS output to display meaningful labels for AHS values. For example, a tabulation of TENURE will display as "Owned," "Rented for cash," "No-cash rent," etc., instead of "1," "2," "3," etc. Users of other analytic software may find the files in this package handy for copying and pasting value labels, saving the effort of typing.


Academic comparison to other area elementary schools. A question was added to determine how the respondent believed their public elementary school compared academically to the other public elementary schools in their area.

Safety equipment. A series of questions were added to determine the number of homes with working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, and/or carbon monoxide detectors.

Down payment. A question was added to determine the percent of purchase price that was used as a down payment. For detailed definitions of these items, see Appendix A.


Special living. Additional types of services and assistance available to residents (such as bathing and eating) were only asked of those who reported that meals, transportation, or housekeeping were available.

Neighborhood conditions. The series of questions on neighborhood crime, odors, and street noise or traffic was reduced. For each of these items we no longer ask whether or not the condition is bothersome and, if yes, so bothersome that they want to move.

Neighborhood shopping. We no longer ask if satisfactory neighborhood shopping is available and the distance from home (less than 1 mile or 1 mile or more). Instead, we ask if grocery or drug stores are within 15 minutes of the home and, if yes, are they satisfactory.

Public transportation. Instead of asking if the household uses public transportation weekly or less than weekly and the satisfaction level, we now ask if the household uses it regularly for commuting to school or work and the travel time to the nearest mode of transportation.

Selected physical problems. Modified to exclude hallways under severe and moderate physical problems.

Income sources of families and primary individuals. We subdivided the combined Interest/Dividend/Rental income question into separate income receipt items. We also modified the other income to no longer include child support or alimony.

Public elementary school. We no longer ask those who report an unsatisfactory elementary school if they are so bothered they want to move.

Other heating equipment. We no longer ask for the type of fuel used for the secondary sources of heating equipment, nor do we determine if the equipment is a parallel or supplemental heat source.


Fuels. The question regarding other house heating fuels was dropped.

Height and condition of building. For multiunit structures, the questions on common stairways (and their condition) and light fixtures (and their working order) were dropped.

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