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  • 2011 Table Specifications (*zip, 330 KB): This zip archive contains the SAS code files used by the U.S. Census Bureau in producing 2011 AHS National Summary Tables. These files are provided so that experienced data users can match the Census specifications when producing their own tabulations using the AHS PUF.

  • AHS 2011 Value Label Package (*zip, 34 KB): The value labels package is a set of files that attach SAS formats to many variables in the 2011 AHS public use file. This will allow you to format your SAS output to display meaningful labels for AHS values. For example, a tabulation of TENURE will display as "Owned," "Rented for cash," "No-cash rent," etc., instead of "1," "2," "3," etc. Users of other analytic software may find the files in this package handy for copying and pasting value labels, saving the effort of typing.

  • SAS "file flattener" program (Download *.sas, 18 KB)
    The file flattener program is a SAS routine that extracts the eight individual SAS files from the transport dataset and produces a single SAS file, with one record per housing unit.

  • 2011 topcode file (*.xls, 60 KB)
    Topcodes and bottom codes are in the AHS PUF. In order to maintain confidentiality, unusually high (and, in a few cases, low) values in the AHS dataset are replaced with maximum (or minimum) values, called top (or bottom) codes. This MS-Excel spreadsheet documents these values for the affected variables.



2011 AHS National Summary Report tables for the American Housing Survey (*.xls, 1.27 MB).


2011 AHS Survey Instrument Software (*.zip, 3.06 MB): This zip file contains all the files needed for a runnable "demo" version of the national AHS survey instrument. Users can enter responses and step through the instrument to simulate the flow of questions in an actual AHS interview. This version of the software does not save any data; it merely demonstrates the instrument. It is intended to run on Microsoft Windows-based computers.

DISCLAIMER: The application is distributed for review purposes only, and no production data collection is permitted. By downloading the software, users agree to these terms. Further, this software is being provided "as is." Neither the Census Bureau nor the software publisher will provide any support for software downloaded from this web site.

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Disability and Accessibility Variables in the American Housing Survey. Disability and Accessibility Variables in the American Housing Survey
This webinar features one of PD&R’s Senior Economists, David Vandenbroucke, discussing the 2011 AHS topical module that covers accessibility features.


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