Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates

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The "Study on Section 8 Voucher Success Rates is a two-volume set. This volume, Volume II is entitles "Qualitative Study of Five Rural Areas." The companion volume, Volume I, is the "Quantitative Study of Success Rates in Metropolitan Areas."

Volume II is a qualitative study of success rates in rural areas. The purpose of this study is to explore Section 8 success rates and the factors that affect success rates in rural areas through in-depth qualitative research at five rural public housing authorities. The report is based on field work conducted between May and August, 2000. The rural study was not intended to feed into or re-validate the conclusions drawn from the larger quantitative study (Volume I report) regarding the relationships between household demographics, market tightness, and program success in metropolitan areas. Although these factors were considered, this study focused on identifying and examining the unique factors that affect voucher holders in rural areas.

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