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Accession Number: 201323
Title: Evaluating Smart Growth: State and Local Policy Outcomes
Author(s): Ingram, Gregory K.
Hong, Yu-Hung
Publication Date: 2009
Availability: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy;
Descriptors: smart growth, local policy, affordable housing, land use planning, growth patterns, transportation, low density
Abstract: As smart growth programs in some states approach their fourth decade, new climate change concerns have raised the stakes on their success in managing urban development. This is an opportune time to evaluate the effectiveness of smart growth programs in achieving their goals, and the implications for future land use planning by state and local policy makers.

The policy focus report, Evaluating Smart Growth, complements a larger volume that compares four states with smart growth programs (Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, and Oregon) and four other states without such programs (Colorado, Indiana, Texas, and Virginia).

The analysis reveals that community planning programs vary greatly across the four smart growth states, producing a range of outcomes that overlap with some of those in the other states. Outcomes and policies were found to be more continuous across the eight states rather than dichotomous between the two groups of states. [Publisher Abstract]