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Breakthroughs is the Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse (RBC) bimonthly, online newsletter. Read Breakthroughs for in-depth articles on strategies that reduce the impact of regulations on affordable housing.

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   Current Issue
    Volume 9, Issue 1
     Incentives to Promote Green Affordable Housing
     Former Classrooms House Low-Income Seniors


Volume 8 Number 1
January 2009
Transit-Oriented Affordable Housing
Incentives to Promote Infill Housing
Update: The HousingMinnesota Campaign                                                                  back to top

Volume 8 Number 2
March 2009
Texas Adopts Legislation to Mitigate Gentrification
Historic Mill Sites in Massachusetts Provide Housing
Improving Quality of Life with Workforce Housing                                                      back to top

Volume 8 Number 3
May 2009
Scaling Back to Gain Affordability
Virginia's Efforts to Promote Affordable Housing
Communities Create Affordable Housing TIF Districts                                                 back to top

Volume 8 Number 4
July 2009
Fairfax County, Virginia Provides Workforce Housing
Austin's Approach to Density and Design
Adopting State Legislation to Promote Affordable Housing in New Hampshire               back to top

Volume 8, Issue 5
Smart Growth Zoning in Massachusetts
Transfer of Development Rights and Affordable Housing
Adopting State Legislation to Promote Affordable Housing in New Mexico                  back to top

Volume 8, Issue 6
Strategies to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing
Balancing Housing Affordability with Open Space Conservation
Arizona Makes Recommendations to Improve Housing Affordability                   back to top


Volume 7 Number 6
November 2008
Zoning for Affordability
Single Room Occupancies
Home from the Office: Adapting Underutilized Office Parks for Housing                       back to top

Volume 7 Number 5
September 2008
In this issue...
Land Banks and Affordable Housing
Regulatory Reform in Orange County, Florida
Historic Preservation Increases Housing Supply                                                           back to top

Volume 7 Number 4
July 2008
In this issue...
Connecticut Enacts Legislation to Increase Housing Affordability
Regional Affordable Housing Programs
Greyfield Redevelopment Creates Housing Opportunities                                             back to top

Volume 7 Number 3
May 2008
In this issue...
Redeveloping Brownfields to Create Affordable Housing
Form-Based Zoning Codes Encourage Housing Development                                         back to top

Volume 7 Number 2
March 2008
In this issue...
Parking Regulations and Housing Affordability
Indiana’s Efforts to Increase the Affordable Housing Supply                                         back to top
Incentive Zoning

Volume 7 Number 1
January 2008
In this issue...
Cutting Costs with Cottage Housing
California Promotes Affordable Housing
Supporting Affordable Housing through Trust Funds                                                    back to top


Volume 6 Number 5
September 2007
In this issue...
Oregon's Living Smart Program: Big Ideas for Small Lots
Los Angeles and Live-Work Revival
Chicago's Accessibility Code Incorporates Multi-Agency Regulations                              back to top

Volume 6 Number 4
July 2007
In this issue...
2007 Robert L. Woodson, Jr. Award Recipient: Bowling Green, Kentucky
State Actions to Protect Manufactured Housing Communities
Charlotte’s Transit-Oriented Developments Close to Realization                                  back to top

Volume 6 Number 3
May 2007
In this issue...
Albuquerque, New Mexico Adopts Proportional Impact Fees
Using State Legislation to Promote Affordable Housing in Illinois
Update: Vermont Supports Smart Growth and Affordable Housing                                back to top

Volume 6 Number 2
March 2007
In this issue...
Reducing Regulatory Barriers through Electronic Permitting
Santa Cruz's Accessory Dwelling Unit Program
Update: Austin's S.M.A.R.T. Housing Policy Initiative                                                  back to top

Volume 6 Number 1
January 2007
In this issue...
Announcement: HUD’s National Call to Action
Jurisdictions Aim to Increase Workforce Housing
Mixed-Use Libraries Serve Two Community Needs                                                       back to top


Volume 5 Number 6
November 2006
In this issue...
Seattle's Plan to Implement Sustainable Affordable Housing
Tax Policies to Support Affordable Housing
Planning Affordable Housing: The Goals of New York and New Jersey
Announcement: Housing Impact Analysis                                                                    back to top

Volume 5 Number 5
September 2006
In this issue...
Court Rulings on Local Regulatory Power
California Fights Back with Legislation against NIMBYism
Syracuse Provides Protection against Home Equity Loss
Florida Task Force Recommends Limited State Regulation of Impact Fees (part 3)        back to top

Volume 5 Number 4
July 2006
In this issue...
Columbus, Ohio Continues Implementing Administrative Streamlining Reforms
Sacramento Provides Pre-approved House Plans To Speed Redevelopment
States Move to Promote Accessory Housing Development                                            back to top

Volume 5 Number 3
April 2006
In this issue...
Florida Task Force Recommends Limited State Regulation of Impact Fees (part 2)
Chamber Efforts Support Regulatory Reforms
Promoting Employee Housing in Resort Destinations                                                   back to top

Volume 5 Number 2
February/March 2006
In this issue…
Legislatures Continue Regulatory Reform Efforts
Technology Speeds the Development Process
Regulatory Reform and Manufactured Housing                                                            back to top

Volume 5 Number 1
January 2006
In this issue…
Florida Task Force Studies Need for State Regulation of Impact Fees
Manufactured Housing Barriers Fall in California
Code Reforms Aid Rehabilitation Efforts, Part 2                                                          back to top


Volume 4 Issue 5
October 2005
In this issue...
Code Reforms Aid Rehabilitation Efforts
Columbus Makes Written Commitment to Improve Development Review Process
Tax Increment Financing of Infrastructure                                                                  back to top

Volume 4 Issue 4
August 2005
In this issue...

Architectural Design Strategies Allow for Seamless Integration of Affordable Housing
Converting Motels into Affordable Housing Through Regulatory Reform
Regulating Duplexes                                                                                                 back to top

Volume 4, Issue 3
June/July 2005
In this issue...

Communities Receive Awards for Reducing Regulatory Barriers
                                back to top

Volume 4, Issue 2
May 2005
In this issue...
Property Tax Exemptions Promote Affordable Rental and Homeownership Housing in Seattle
Other Countries Experiencing Similar Barriers to Affordable Housing
Efforts to Reduce Regulatory Barriers Capture State Legislatures' Attention                  back to top

Volume 4, Issue 1
March 2005

In this issue...
Affordable Housing Task Forces and Monitoring
Wisconsin Grapples with Property Tax Exemptions
Boise, Idaho and New Hampshire Housing Aid Applicants Applying for HUD Funding       back to top


Volume 3, Issue 6
December 2004
In this issue...
Smart Growth and Affordable Housing: Rhode Island's Balancing Act
Response to Notice to Cure Article
Housing Task Forces Address Zoning and Property Tax Reform                                    back to top

Volume 3, Issue 5
November 2004
In this issue...
Aiming to Reduce Opposition to Affordable Housing
Parking Requirements and Infill Development
Affordable Housing Task Forces and Regulatory Reform
                                             back to top

Volume 3, Issue 4
October 2004
In this issue...
Non-Conforming Uses - A Source of Affordable Housing
Regulating Manufactured Home Parks: Cost vs Improved Living Conditions
Award-Winning Program Streamlines Processing for Affordable Housing                       back to top

Volume 3, Issue 3
June 2004
In this issue...
Impact Fees: How Affordable Housing Fares
States Allow Tax Preferences for Renters
Addressing the High Cost of Building: Keeping a Lid on Liability Insurance                    back to top

Volume 3, Issue 2
March 2004
In this issue...
How different states approach the issue of regulatory reform
A description of a Maine legislative committee's effort to tackle regulatory reform
Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development regulatory reform technical assistance guide                                                                                                                                back to top

Volume 3, Issue 1
January 2004
In this issue…
How communities use accessory dwelling units to increase the supply of affordable housing
How Oregon uses state reviews to reduce land use litigation
How states encourage or discourage the use of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit      back to top


Volume 2, Issue 6
November 2003
In this issue...
Environmental Groups and Developers Join Forces to Promote Infill in San Francisco
Tennessee Expedites Access to Housing for Those with Disabilities
Few Take Advantage of Hawaii Housing Tax Programs
                                                back to top

Volume 2, Issue 5
September 2003
In this issue...
Impact Fee Waivers in Salt Lake City
Zoning's Impact on Home-Based Businesses in New Jersey
Rent Controls and Affordable Housing in the Boston Area
                                                          back to top

Volume 2, Issue 4
July 2003
In this issue...
Considerations for Density Bonus Ordinances
Richmond Transforms Vacant Properties
Anchorage Pushes Electronic Permitting
                                                                                           back to top

Volume 2, Issue 3
May 2003
In this issue...
Tax Relief Programs For Low- and Moderate-Income Owners and Renters
New Jersey's Rehabilitation Code Spurs Redevelopment
Manufactured Housing and Zoning in Jacksonville, Florida
                                                        back to top

Volume 2, Issue 2
March 2003
In this issue...
Smart Growth and Affordable Housing, Vermont
Density Bonuses; Berkeley, California
Accessory Dwelling Units; Seattle, Washington, Cary North Carolina
                                     back to top

Volume 2, Issue 1
January 2003
In this issue...
S.M.A.R.T. Housing; Austin, Texas
Electronic Fair Housing Information; Rochester, New York
Electronic Permitting Program; Silicon Valley, California      
                                                      back to top


Volume 1, Issue 1
November 2002
In this issue...
Introduction to the RBC
Bonus Densities, Arlington, Virginia

Habitat Construction Challenges, Southern California
                                                  back to top

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