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As HUD’s new Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research (PD&R), I find it particularly fitting that my debut message appears in this, the 11th edition of Evidence Matters, which examines fair housing issues and racial segregation. These issues, the focus of much of my own research, are essential to HUD’s core mission.

PD&R has a long history of research into housing discrimination and fair housing issues. As our Research Spotlight article discusses, the national Housing Discrimination Studies that PD&R funds, along with associated evaluations that investigate more specific types of discrimination, are among the largest and most important assessments of discrimination in U.S. housing markets available.

Those studies find that, although the incidence of more overt forms of housing discrimination has declined over the years, more subtle types of discrimination persist. Such tactics raise the cost of the housing search process for minorities and may help preserve patterns of segregation that limit opportunity.



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Expanding Opportunity Through Fair Housing Choice

Paired Testing and the Housing Discrimination Studies

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