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Older industrial cities that have experienced significant job and population losses may have assets, or legacies, that make regeneration and revitalization possible. Legacy cities such as Baltimore and Cincinnati are in the midst of such an economic and population revival.


One Friday evening, several hundred software developers, local affordable housing providers, and housing subject-matter experts crammed into a room on the 31st floor of a Seattle office building to kick off an event.


Recently, the McKnight Foundation has been giving more consideration to what market orientation and scalability mean for our programs, policies, and grantmaking approach.

That neighborhood conditions affect the economic, social, educational, and health outcomes of low-income children is apparent. Determining precisely how these neighborhood aspects contribute to children’s well-being, however, is difficult.

La Mesita Apartments is the most recent effort to address the needs of homeless individuals and cost-burdened renters in Mesa, the third-largest city in Arizona located just 15 miles east of Phoenix.

The USHMC website contains all the national, regional, state, metropolitan, and local data and analysis in one location. You may search by geography to obtain all the reports available for a particular area.

Children who do not live in safe, quality housing — whether because of the presence of health hazards such as lead or asthma triggers; housing instability, including homelessness; or other reasons — experience high rates of physical, mental, and emotional problems.


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