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The Housing and Health Connection from the Data Side

Earlier this summer, the Urban Institute and the MacArthur Foundation hosted “How Housing Matters for Healthy Child Development,” a roundtable that brought together researchers and practitioners from the fields of housing, community development, and from health to discuss the connections between housing and healthy outcomes for children. The two-day event revealed that those in the health field have long recognized the impact of home and environment on health outcomes. This insight, however, is relatively new to those in the housing field. In my remarks, I proposed that for many housing researchers, interest in the link between health and housing emerged following the results of the Moving to Opportunity (MTO) demonstration, a program that used vouchers to help poor families living in public housing in high-poverty neighborhoods move to lower-poverty neighborhoods. A key finding of MTO was of significant impacts on health — in particular, mental health. Further exploration suggested that MTO’s effects on children’s health outcomes may have varied according to the baseline health vulnerability of their families, as explored in the Office of Policy Development and Research’s (PD&R’s) Expert Convening on Gender, Neighborhood Context, and Youth Development.

The MTO findings are of great importance for at least two reasons. First, one of the largest (or earliest) impacts of providing quality, affordable housing or better neighborhood environments for families may be on their health.

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Characteristics of Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant Applicants

The Choice Neighborhoods initiative (Choice) awards planning and implementation grants to public and private organizations to revitalize high-poverty neighborhoods containing severely distressed subsidized housing.

In Practice
Legends Park West Redevelopment Retains Sense of Community

One of Memphis’ first public housing projects, and the first federally funded housing for African Americans in the city when it was built in 1938, Dixie Homes once housed many prominent community leaders, including musicians and entrepreneurs.

HUD Partner Reports
Evaluating the First Year of U.S.-Germany City Exchange Program for HUD Grantees

The German Marshall Fund of the United States (GMF) recently released a Report looking at the first year of the Dialogues for Change (D4C) initiative, an innovative, international peer-to-peer exchange network that engages city leaders in substantive and meaningful dialogue to find common solutions to shared community development challenges...

Policy Update
Expanding Opportunity Through Fair Housing Choice

More than four decades after Congress passed the Fair Housing Act, fair housing issues remain critical to the pursuit of strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and equal opportunity for all. There is evidence of progress.

Statistical Reports
Housing Scorecard for June 2014
Score Card Image

The latest data show progress among key indicators, including a rebound in the sales of new and existing homes after a harsh-weather-induced lull during the previous two quarters. Purchases of new homes surged by 18.6 percent in May--the biggest monthly gain in 22 years (since January 1992)--and rose to their highest level since May 2008.


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