Photograph of several single-family homes, of a similar style but with varying facades, lining a street. Each of the homes has a front porch with stairs and a small yard with vegetation.

The steep financial downturn of recent years has produced dramatic changes in the U.S. housing market. As private investment in home mortgages has declined – due in large measure to investor reticence – the public sector’s role has expanded to help take up the slack.


Do you live in an urban place? Chances are that you do or will sometime in the future. A hundred years ago, this might have been a different story. Globally, just one in every ten people lived in urban areas a century ago.


Around the country, the widespread adoption of Creative Placemaking has produced a rich landscape of growing practices that integrate arts and culture in revitalization strategies through community and economic development activities. Learn more

Researchers at Ohio State University recently completed an analysis of default risk in the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program. This analysis, an example of evidence-based policymaking at HUD, was funded through grants from the MacArthur Foundation and HUD.

Allentown, Pennsylvania, once home to thriving iron and silk trades, has suffered from the decline of its manufacturing sector since the mid twentieth century.

The USHMC website contains all the national, regional, state, metropolitan, and local data and analysis in one location. You may search by geography to obtain all the reports available for a particular area.

Children who do not live in safe, quality housing — whether because of the presence of health hazards such as lead or asthma triggers; housing instability, including homelessness; or other reasons — experience high rates of physical, mental, and emotional problems.


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