The Advisory Board of Cityscape

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia

Dolores Acevedo-Garcia
Brandeis University


Ira Goldstein

Ira Goldstein, Ph.D.
The Reinvestment Fund


Richard K. Green

Richard K. Green
University of Southern California


Mark Joseph

Mark Joseph
Case Western Reserve University

Matthew E. Kahn

Matthew E. Kahn
University of California, Los Angeles


C. Theodore Koebel

C. Theodore Koebel, Ph.D.
Virginia Tech


Jens Ludwig

Jens Ludwig
University of Chicago


Mary Pattillo

Mary Pattillo
Northwestern University


Carolina Reid

Carolina Reid
University of California


Patrick Sharkey

Patrick Sharkey
New York University


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Form Follows Families: Evolution of U.S. Affordable Housing Design and Construction
Volume 16, Number 2, 2014

Guest Editors' Introduction

The Value of Incremental Development and Design in Affordable Housing

What Affordable Housing Should Afford: Housing for Resilient Cities

Disaster Recovery and Community Renewal: Housing Approaches

Design and Affordable American Housing

Bringing the Power of Design to Affordable Housing: The History and Evolution of the Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Designing Better Designers: Families First

blue line

Point of Contention: Poverty Deconcentration

Getting Children Out of Harm's Way

The Unintended Imposition of Housing Deconcentration?

Pursuing Poverty Deconcentration Distracts From Housing Policy Reforms That Would Have a Greater Effect on Poverty Alleviation

The Smokescreen of Poverty Deconcentration

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Data Shop: The Smart Location Database: A Nationwide Data Resource Characterizing the Built Environment and Destination Accessibility at the Neighborhood Scale

Graphic Detail: Comparative Micromaps and Changing State Homeownership Rates

Artists and Bankers and Hipsters, Oh My! Mapping Tweets in the New York Metropolitan Region

Industrial Revolution: Key Behaviors of Residents Who Need Energy Education

Foreign Exchange: Chile's New Rental Housing Subsidy and Its Relevance to U.S. Housing Choice Voucher Program Reform

SpAM: Who Can Access Transit? Reviewing Methods for Determining Population Access to Bus Transit

The Use of Spatially Lagged Explanatory Variables for Modeling Neighborhood Amenities and Mobility in Older Adults

Call for Papers

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