The Secretaries’ Award winners were honored at the Council on Foundations’ Fall Conference for Community Foundations in Cleveland. Learn more.
IPI recently co-hosted a national series of World Urban Forum 7 (WUF7) Pre-Session Dialogues,the first of which was held in partnership with the Atlantic Council (read more). More information on WUF7 can be found here.
Secretary Donovan travelled to Chile to identify best practices for disaster reconstruction. Learn more about the Secretary’s learning exchange here.
Deputy Secretary Maurice Jones and IPI Deputy Assistant Secretary Ana Marie Argilagos participated in the OECD Fifth Urban Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers in Marseilles, France. To learn more about the discussion held click here.
In November 2013, IPI coordinated a two-day learning exchange with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), where representatives met with various HUD program offices (including HUD’s Office of Native American Programs) to discuss Aboriginal/Native American Housing Initiatives.


Innovation of the Day

IOD was developed as a hub for collecting and disseminating innovative housing, community development, built environment, and urban practices. Its purpose is to crowd-source new models that can be leveraged not only within HUD, but by other agencies, municipalities, philanthropies, non-profits, and citizens. IOD submissions also allow HUD to identify emerging trends, promising solutions, and successful means of implementation! Voting is now closed. Thank you for reviewing the IOD submissions, casting your vote for the top 3 projects, and sharing your selected projects via email and social media.

The Edge

The Edge, an online magazine, provides easily understood translations of PD&R and HUD partners' research, a message from PD&R Senior staff, and a wide range of information on housing and community development issues, regulations, and case studies.