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Lincoln Community Foundation


Municipal agency partners:
City of Lincoln and Lincoln Public Schools

State agency partner:
Nebraska Department of Education

Federal agency partner:
Department of Education


Lincoln Community Foundation

With a heart for the Lincoln community, the foundation represents the needs of the individuals, families, nonprofits, and businesses that live and operate locally.

Lincoln Community Learning Centers

The Lincoln Community Foundation (LCF) helps donors serve and improve the community through philanthropic gifts to nonprofit organizations. Last year, LCF granted $4 million to 323 nonprofits in a range of service areas. Existing at the intersection of the public, private, and philanthropic sectors, LCF is well positioned to develop local solutions to growing challenges. The Lincoln Community Learning Centers (CLCs) are a good example. LCF funded the initial grant in 1999 for a community feasibility study and funds to launch the first four pilot CLCs. That original $100,000 has leveraged millions of dollars from federal, state, and city governments, corporations, and other foundations.

The goals of CLCs are to (1) improve student learning and development, (2) support and strengthen families, and (3) bolster neighborhoods. Data compiled from the past 13 years show that students’ test scores are higher when they are in a CLC. Put simply, when we improve the lives of our children by focusing on their needs, the impact builds stronger families, healthier neighborhoods, and a brighter future for Lincoln.

Today, 25 CLCs are in place at every Title I elementary and middle school and one high school in Lincoln. CLC partnerships create a community underpinning to address safe, affordable housing; affordable, quality child care; workforce development; and accessible health care.

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