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Design Details for Accessible Disaster Relief Housing

Authors: Arnold, Loreen H. | Mazz, Mark J.

Release Date: November 2013

Pre-Disaster Planning for Permanent Housing Recovery

Authors: Cantrell, Randall | Nahmens, Isabelina | Peavey, John | Bryant, Karmen | Stair, Matthew

Release Date: January 2012

Fire Endurance of Gypsum Board Walls And Chases Containing Plastic And Metallic Drain, Waste and Vent Plumbing Systems

Authors: Parker, W.J | M. Paabo | Scott J.T. | D. Gross | Benjamin I.A.

Release Date: September 1975

Evaluation of Smokeproof Stair Towers and Smoke Detector Performance

Authors: Fung, Francis C.W. | Zile, Richard H.

Release Date: September 1975

A Methodology for Establishing Conditioning Requirements for Building Materials and Composites

Authors: Masters, Larry W. | Tryon, Max

Release Date: October 1975

Regulatory Barriers to Manufactured Housing Placement in Urban Communities

Authors: Dawkins, Casey J. | Koebel, Theodore C. | Cavell, Marilyn | Hullibarger, Steve | Hattis, David B. | Weissman, Howard

Release Date: January 2011

New Product Adoption in Housing: Guide for Manufacturers

Authors: Bowles, Liza | Newport Partners, LLC

Release Date: January 2010

Introducing Innovation into the Home Building Industry

Authors: Bowles, Sam | Moore, Mike | Newport Partners, LLC | Shrader, Steve

Release Date: January 2010

Prescriptive Method for Connecting Structural Insulated Panel Roofs to Concrete Wall Systems

Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.

Release Date: May 2008

Factory-Built Construction and the American Homebuyer: Perceptions and Opportunities

Authors: Cantrell, Randall | Davis, Laurel | Hong, Grace, Ph.D. | Hudson, Ed | Optimal Solutions Group, LLC | Temkin, Kenneth

Release Date: June 2007