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Housing in the Seventies. Working Papers 1

Authors: McGough, Duane T.

Release Date: 1976

Regulatory Barriers to Manufactured Housing Placement in Urban Communities

Authors: Dawkins, Casey J. | Koebel, Theodore C. | Cavell, Marilyn | Hullibarger, Steve | Hattis, David B. | Weissman, Howard

Release Date: January 2011

Revitalizing Foreclosed Properties with Land Banks

Authors: Sage Computing Inc.

Release Date: August 2009

Accessory Dwelling Units: Case Study

Authors: Sage Computing Inc.

Release Date: June 2008

A Review of Regulatory Barriers to Employer Ability to Recruit and Retain Employees

Authors: Abt Associates Inc. | Belsky, Eric | Bowles, Liza | Carliner, Michael | Joint Center for Housing Studies | McCue, Daniel | Newport Partners, LLC | Rodda, David

Release Date: July 2008

Impact Fees and Housing Affordability: A Guide for Practitioners

Authors: Newport Partners, LLC | Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Release Date: June 2008

Zoning as a Barrier to Multifamily Housing Development

Authors: Knaap, Gerritt | Meck, Stuart | Moore, Terry | Parker, Robert

Release Date: February 2008

Study of Subdivision Requirements as a Regulatory Barrier

Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.

Release Date: April 2007

A Builder's Guide to Marketable, Affordable, and Durable Entry-level Homes (MADE) To Last

Authors: Garner, Chad | Nowak, Mark | Yost, Peter

Release Date: March 1999

Best Practices for Effecting the Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing

Authors: Bloustein, Edward J. | Camp, Matthew | Cander, Alan | Center for Urban Policy Research | Crossney, Kristen | Downs, David | Kushel, Zachary | Listokin, David | Litwin, Ian | McManus, Tim | Uschak, Mary

Release Date: September 2006