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How Low-Income Renters Buy Homes. Housing Assistance Supply

Authors: Shanley, Michael G. | Hotchkiss, Charles M.

Release Date: August 1979

Nonprofit Housing - Costs And Funding-Final Report, Volume I-Findings

Authors: Hebert, Scott | Heintz, Kathleen | Baron, Chris | Kay, Nancy | Wallace, James E. | Abt Associates Inc. | Aspen Systems Corporation

Release Date: November 1993

Controlling Outside Investors In A Housing Development Program : Case Study

Authors: Tri-City Citizens Union for Progress, Inc.

Nonprofit Housing: Costs and Funding

Authors: Herbert, Scott | Heintz, Kathleen | Baron, Chris | Kay, Nancy | James E. Wallace

Release Date: November 1993

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs

Authors: Wollos, Kimberly Gugino | Mui, Kristen | Pershing, Janet | Oetjen, Eric | ICF International

Release Date: February 2011

Section 202 and 811 Operating Costs Needs

Authors: Lam, Ken | Khadduri, Jill | Abt Associates Inc. | Judy Weber | VIVA Consulting, LLC

Release Date: March 2007

Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly: Program Status and Performance Measurement

Authors: Haley, Barbara A. | Gray, Robert W. | Taghavi, Lydia B. | Thompson, Dianne T. | Devine, Deborah | Haghighi, Abdollah H. | Marcus, Seth R. | U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Release Date: June 2008

Case Studies of the Conversion of Project-Based Assistance to Tenant-Based Assistance

Authors: Abt Associates Inc. | Finkel, Meryl | Locke, Gretchen | Nolden, Sandra | Porcari, Diane

Release Date: August 2000

Study of Homebuyer Activity through the HOME Investment Partnerships Program

Authors: Abt Associates Inc. | Bonjorni, Jessica | Feins, Judith | Herbert, Christopher | Nolden, Sandra | Turnham, Jennifer

Release Date: January 2004

Evaluation of the Mark-to-Market Program

Authors: Abt Associates Inc. | Anderson, Joanne | Econometrica, Inc. | Finkel, Meryl | Hanson, Charles | Hilton, Richard | Khadduri, Jill | Lam, Ken | Wood, Michelle

Release Date: August 2004