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Design Details for Accessible Disaster Relief Housing

Authors: Arnold, Loreen H. | Mazz, Mark J.

Release Date: November 2013

Fire Endurance of Gypsum Board Walls And Chases Containing Plastic And Metallic Drain, Waste and Vent Plumbing Systems

Authors: Parker, W.J | M. Paabo | Scott J.T. | D. Gross | Benjamin I.A.

Release Date: September 1975

Thermal Properties Of Selected Plastic Piping Used in Housing

Authors: Tryon, Max

Release Date: April 1975

Prototype Construction and Demonstration. Operation Breakthrough Part II

Authors: Michael H. Moskow

Release Date: 1970

Demonstration Houses Built With COM-PLY Products

Authors: Gerald A. Koenigshof

Release Date: December 1977

Concrete Masonry Homes: Recommended Practices

Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.

Release Date: December 1999

HVAC Sizing Methodology for Insulated Concrete Homes

Authors: Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc. | Gajda, John | Marceau, Medgar | VanGeem, Martha

Release Date: February 2004

Steel Framing Prototype Development: Final Report

Authors: Manufactured Housing Research Alliance

Release Date: December 2003

Hybrid Wood and Steel Details - Builder's Guide

Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc.

Release Date: July 2003

The Prescriptive Method for Connecting Cold-Formed Steel Framing to Insulating Concrete Form Walls in Residential Construction

Authors: Building Works, Inc.

Release Date: February 2003