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Design Details for Accessible Disaster Relief Housing

Authors: Arnold, Loreen H. | Mazz, Mark J.

Release Date: November 2013

Evaluation of the Section 202 Demonstration Predevelopment Grant Program

Authors: Abt Associates Inc. | Lam, Ken | Locke, Gretchen | Vandawalker, Melisa

Release Date: November 2012

Disability Variables in the American Housing Survey

Authors: Eggers, Frederick J. | Moumen, Fouad | Econometrica, Inc.

Release Date: November 2011

Elderly Housing Consumption: Historical Patterns and Projected Trends

Authors: ICF Consulting, Inc. | Econometrica, Inc. | Blake, Kevin S. | Simic, Aleksandra

Release Date: November 2005

Providing Supportive Services to the Frail Elderly in Federally Assisted Housing

Authors: Struyk, Raymond | Page, Douglas B. | Newman, Sandra | Carroll, Marcia | Ueno, Makiko | Cohen, Barbara | Wright, Paul

Release Date: October 1989

End of Participation in Assisted Housing: What Can We Learn About Aging in Place?

Authors: Locke, Gretchen P. | Lam, Ken | Henry, Meghan | Brown, Scott | Abt Associates Inc.

Release Date: February 2011

Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Green Building Design in Section 202 and Section 811 Programs

Authors: Wollos, Kimberly Gugino | Mui, Kristen | Pershing, Janet | Oetjen, Eric | ICF International

Release Date: February 2011

Worst Case Housing Needs of People with Disabilities - Supplemental Findings of the Worst Case Housing Needs 2009:Report to Congress

Authors: Souza, Maria Teresa | Collinson, Robert A | Martin, Marge | Steffen, Barry L. | Vandenbroucke, David A. | Yao, Yung Gann David

Release Date: March 2011

Section 202 and 811 Operating Costs Needs

Authors: Lam, Ken | Khadduri, Jill | Abt Associates Inc. | Judy Weber | VIVA Consulting, LLC

Release Date: March 2007

Multifamily Property Managers' Satisfaction with Service Coordination

Authors: Johns, Ashaki Robinson, MSW | Levine, Cheryl A., Ph.D. | U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Release Date: December 2008